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UX/UI Design Services for Startups & B2B SaaS

Hi! I’m Vlad, a full-stack product designer, solving startup problems with creative thinking since 2000.

Does any of this apply to you?

My product or MVP is challenging for users to navigate.
I think it falls short when compared to competitors.
The conversion rate is too low.
I didn’t have much luck with the previous designer.
I need help getting my ideas implemented.
But I’m not ready to hire a full-time designer yet.

I will work with you to solve your users’ problems.


Prototypes, UX design and tests

will help product team iterate and improve the product faster.

UI design

will help users of your product complete their tasks and enjoy your product in the process.


will help your investors and stakeholders understand your values and mission.

Landing pages, visuals

will help your startup get traction in social media and other marketing channels.

7 reasons to work with me

I am a generalist.

For over 20+ years, I have developed a diverse set of skills – optimal for small teams and early-stage products.

I <code> too.

I can deliver not just Figma files to your developers, but HTML/CSS as well.

I am autonomous.

I need no oversight and have excellent self-management skills.

I am self-motivated.

I genuinely care about my customers’ product success and their users’ experience.

I am agile.

Startups change direction often—I am ready to adapt.

I am obsessed with documentation.

I enjoy async communication and write documents that are clear and concise. My system of choice is The 37signals Guide to Internal Communication.

I am easy to work with.

Last but not least, people find me friendly and positive!

I have experience in designing across the entire product life cycle:

  • from defining initial business requirements
  • to UX wireframes
  • to UI designs (starting with a design system),
  • to marketing materials (starting with a brand book).
#user experience (UX) design
#UX testing
#user journey maps
#lo-fi & hi-fi clickable prototypes
#user interface (UI) design
#web app design
#mobile app design
#front-end development
#brand & identity
#managing design systems and guidelines
#motion design
#2D animation
#video editing
#command line scripts

I helped Kadoa reach $100K ARR in just 8 months.

Open case study

I helped Looria gather Internet's favorite products in one place.

Open case study

I helped NodeBB future-proof their flagship product with the new default theme, Harmony.

Open case study
Reasoning Mind
Open case study
Alex Khachatryan

Vlad has a rare combination of strong analytical skills and clever creativity. This allows Vlad to deeply understand every assignment given and complete it with superb quality. And I am yet to meet another designer who is as efficient and productive as he is.

To top it off, Vlad is an excellent communicator and has been universally admired by all our staff. I would recommend Vlad for any project that could take full advantage of his rich and exceptionally strong skillset.

Alex Khachatryan, Ph.D.
Co-Founder and CEO, Reasoning Mind

Julia Khachatryan

Vlad worked under my direct supervision for five years as the lead designer of our products. He is exceptionally strong in UX, UI, and graphic design being very creative and detail oriented. Vlad was a co-product manager and lead designer of Blueprint, an award winning educational product for elementary school students and teachers. Since 2018 Blueprint has benefited millions of users nationwide.

Vlad solely designed all functionality and graphics for the rich teacher interface, which received raving reviews and accolades. I greatly enjoyed working with Vlad and would not hesitate to recommend him as a lead designer for any product.

Julia Khachatryan
Co-Founder and Art Director , Reasoning Mind

Here's how we’ll work together:

Get in touch

We'll discuss your business and goals.

Define our first project

We’ll agree on scope, timelines, payments and deliverables.

Receive the result

In most cases, it only takes 3-5 days before you see the first results.

Review, iterate, implement

I won’t stop until you’re 100% satisfied. An average project includes 2-4 iterations.

Enjoy ongoing design support

As your product evolves, I’ll be ready to support the delivered project, design new features and apply changes, big or small.
Ed Kriege

As Director of Application Architecture at OpenText, I was in charge of a major UI facelift for our flagship product, the OpenText Content Server. Vlad came highly recommended by a colleague of mine, and after the normal due diligence I hired Vlad and flew him to Chicago to work on the project. He was a complete professional and a pleasure to work with, and the results were astounding - a new state-of-the-art UI that Vlad had a large part in designing that is still largely used in this industry-leading ECM product today, almost 20 years later. Not many user interfaces can boast such a long life! I highly recommend Vlad - you won't find better than him.

Ed Kriege
Founder, partner and CEO of Global Cents, an authorized OpenText Technology Partner

Julia Khachatryan

I worked with Vlad for about 5 years in a team of superstars, and he stood out even among them: for his dedication, for his ingenuity, for his ability to do *anything*. From running usability testing to artistic drawing, Vlad can do it all. We needed a high-fidelity mockup? Vlad taught himself to make one. As a product manager, I found it easy and refreshing to work with Vlad. He understands good design, usability, and users intuitively. Whoever hires Vlad will be crazy lucky to have him.

William McGuinness
Director of Capital Projects & Infrastructure at Harris County Office of Management and Budget

Occasionally asked questions

Are you an agency or an individual?
I’m a one-man design studio. You’ll be working with me 1-to-1.
Vlad photo
Why choose you instead of a well-known design agency?

Agencies usually offer higher reliability, backed by multiple designers and complex processes. However, they are much more expensive than one-man studios, and usually slower.

In my experience, a high-quality full-stack product designer is the perfect fit for startups and small B2B SaaS businesses.

A designer specialising on, e.g., only branding is a good fit for larger companies, where many designers work each on their particular fields.

Vlad photo
Why choose you instead of some other freelance designer?
The best way to find out is to collaborate on a small project. Let’s talk and see if we’re a match!
Vlad photo
What deliverables do you provide?
Depending on your requirements, this can be Figma files, Framer sites, PSD/AI source files, HTML/CSS/JS code with optimized resources, etc.
Vlad photo
What timezone are you in?
I am currently in Tbilisi, Georgia, UTC+4.
Vlad photo
Any fun facts about you?


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Excellent! What’s the next step?
Let’s chat! Click the button below and we’ll schedule a call.
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