Case study: Codefy


Codefy is a complex web application for reviewing tenders, contracts and briefs, with lots of smart solutions to optimize the reviewing process. It is used by ministries, legal service providers and large companies in Germany.

I participated in several projects with Codefy team, let me describe couple of them below.


  • Brand & identity;
  • User flows prototyping;
  • Web design;
  • Graphic design.

Project highlight: Logotype

Codefy logo: before
Codefy logo: after

The project goal was to facelift the logotype – keep the essence but make it more modern, more appealing to enterprise and government customers.

We had a lot of small iterations and discussions:

Codefy logo: iterations

One of the variations looked promising!

Codefy logo: iterations

The final touch – tilted whitespace between F and Y.

Codefy logo: final
Codefy logo: real life photo

Project highlight: Website

I also updated Codefy website, following the same principles as with logo redesign: modern, serious look & feel.

Project highlight: App interface brainstorming

Codefy team is generally awesome and they did not need a dedicated designer at the time. However, they did want a fresh eye from time to time, and I was excited to discuss their UI challenges and make quick prototypes to illustrate my ideas.

Here's one such prototype, made in Figma:

Learn more about Codefy