Case study:


Kadoa is an AI data extraction technology developed by the Looria team. I was tasked with creating a new brand and web app UI targeted at software developers (B2B, unlike Looria, which is B2C).

Iteration 1

The competition in this market is fierce, and I aimed to create a brand that would be distinctive and stand out from the crowd while still appearing 'normal' enough not to deter potential clients.

The design elements I decided to incorporate are:

  • A screen divided into halves with dark and white; the division line transitions into waves below the fold.
  • A modern monospaced font, somewhat reminiscent of a code editor.

Iteration 2

After observing significant demand for Kadoa from enterprises, we decided to refine the brand to enhance its appeal to enterprise customers.

I consistently provided visuals for the team, including images for social media, use case illustrations, wireframes for new user flows, and pitch deck slides.

From pencil sketch...
To the webpage in production, in less than a day!
Just some of many slides for various presentations.
Slide Slide Slide Slide

Web app UI

Kadoa is a web app, and I participated in designing most of its features. For brainstorming new ideas, we used Figma, and for actual design and delivery, I wrote HTML and Tailwind CSS directly in the product's React components.

Attention to detail: Kadoa shows a random fact about AI while loading data.